The house was dark as she got to the door at 3am. Jane was glad that she wouldn’t have to answer any questions. She put her key in the door and quietly closed it behind her. Making her way down the hall, she set her keys down on the table when suddenly a light turned on behind her in the living room.

With a start she turned around and said, “oh, you scared me…what are you still doing up”

“You were out late”, he said.

“I was just out with girls”

“I expected you home hours ago”

“I lost track of time since we enjoying ourselves”

He stands up and walks over to her, “you should have let me know that you were going to be out late”

“I know, but we were just having so much fun”

He can smell the alcohol on her breath as he leans in to kiss her. As their tongues collide in a passionate kiss, he notices a taste other than alcohol. He pulls back quickly, and asks, “I thought you were out with the girls?”

“I was…what’s with the interrogation?”, she snaps back at him.

“Well, I can taste cum on your mouth, which means that you weren’t just with the girls”, he fires back as he looks intently at her.

She looks away from his stare, “You’re crazy, I was just with the girls having fun”.

He grabs her jaw and turns her face to his, “Tell me who you were with!”

She pulls away from him, “I told you I was the girls” she screams as she heads down the room to the bedroom

She feels a pull on her long brown hair as he grabs her from behind to stop her from walking away. From behind his strong hand reaches around her throat and he grabs a fistful of hair.

“Daddy, what are you doing? Let me go”

“You’re lying to me, you know I don’t like it when you lie to me. You dressed like a whore and come home hours late tasting like one. I’m going to show you what happens to naughty little sluts like in my house.”

He starts guiding her to the basement stairs. Jane starts to tense up, she doesn’t want to go to the dungeon tonight, “No Daddy, I’m sorry, you’re right…please don’t take me down there.”

“It’s too late, you’ve already lied to me. You need to learn to respect me.”

Jane fights harder, but it’s no use, he drags to the door and unlocks the three deadbolts and opens the door.

There’s nothing but blackness and pain through the doorway. She starts to beg as the take the first step into the darkness.

He doesn’t need light to see, everything is in its proper place. They reach the bottom of the stairs and he drags her to the special made St. Andrew cross in the center of the room.

Jane is shaking as she stands before the cross, unable to move. She looks at him with fear in her eyes and whispers, “please, Daddy”.

“Strip off your clothes!”

Jane slowly slides off her dress, revealing her naked body.

“No underwear? I knew that you were a slut.”

He grabs her and sets her on the platform at the bottom of the cross. She feels the cold metal against her arms as he straps them at the wrists and elbows to the cross. Once her arms are tied up, he kicks the platform out from under feet putting all her weight on her arms. Next he pulls the legs to the bottom of the cross and straps them at the ankles and knees.

Standing back, Daddy admires the view, before unlocking the cross and flipping her upside down. Jane screams as her faces flies towards the floor and her feet move above her head.

“Quiet, I don’t want to hear another word!”

Jane hears his footsteps walk toward the other side of the room as goes to get something off the table. After a minute, Daddy comes back and she feels him in front of her face.

“Since you like having boys inside you so much, I’m going to fill you up.”

She feels a cold liquid being spread across her ass, followed by the feel of cold metal and butt plug is pushed inside her. A gasp escapes her lips as it stops just inside, held in place by flared base stopping it from going the rest of the way in.

Next she feels a vibrator being stuck inside her, filling her up and covering her clit.

“You are not allowed to cum until I give you permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy”

As he walks away, the vibrator starts moving slowly inside her. In a pattern that runs from her clit to all the way inside and back again.

She hears his footsteps go up the stairs. The door closes and she’s left in complete darkness, with Daddy controlling the vibrator.

Jane starts to moan as the vibrator starts to move faster, the pulsing pushing against the butt plug. She fights against it, not wanting to break the rules.As she starts to get used to darkness, a strobe light starts to go off, cutting through the darkness. Suddenly music starts blaring, filling her ears with loud pulsating beats. She can feel the beats vibrating her body as the vibrator pulses faster inside her.

Struggling not to cum, she tries not to focus on something other than the ecstasy she feels from the pulsing inside her. She can’t focus on anything, the lights and the beats are making her mind go blank. No thoughts, just feeling.

Without any concept of how long she was down there, Jane is suddenly thrust into silence and darkness.
Though it’s cold in the dungeon, she’s covered sweat.

With no warning, the cross swings her head upright and she becomes disoriented as the blood rushes from her brain. She realizes she’s not alone, “Daddy, is that you?”


Jane feels a light touch of leather straps fall over her shoulder and across her large breasts. She gasps as it brushes her hard nipples.

She moans as the strobe, the music, and vibrator start up again at full strength. Her body shakes as she tries not to cum. The moan turns to a scream as the leather straps make impact on her back. A figure walks in front of her and she feels the leather straps make contact with her breasts.

Her eyes roll inside her head as she screams with each strike of the leather. Time has no meaning down here, all Jane knows is pleasure and pain. She loses track of where the whip hits her, her body on fire with the sting of the leather.

As suddenly as everything started, the room goes black and silent again.

Panting into the darkness, she hears a single word whispered into her ear.


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