The Beach

The sky is clear as Jane lays down on her towel in the hot sun. She hears the waves crashing behind her as the sunlight kisses her skin.

The beach is quiet today, very few people around.

She rolls over and leans back on her hands to watch the waves crash into the sand. She notices a couple of men throwing a Frisbee off  to her right. Catching herself staring, she quickly looks away. Embarrassed, she lays back down and tries to pretend it didn’t happen.

A short while later, she hears the Frisbee hit the ground near her feet. She sits up just as one of the men runs over to pick it up. As he picks it up, sand falls on her legs.

He says, “Sorry about that”.

Their eyes meet, she smiles, and says, “It’s ok, I was about to go in the ocean anyway”.

Jane watches as he runs back over to his friend. Gets up, adjusts her bikini, and makes her way into the ocean.

She walks slowly into the waves, letting the water hit her thighs. The water is cold against her skin. Staying in the shallow water, she turns around and looks onto the beach. Jane can’t help but watch the men playing Frisbee.  As she makes eye contact again with the one that picked up the Frisbee, she quickly looks away and starts heading deeper.

Heading deeper, the waves are getting rougher and she struggles to push further out. With her thoughts on the man on the beach, she doesn’t notice the large wave breaking in front of her and crashes right on her. She falls backwards as the wave runs across her body, pushing her down.

Standing back up, she realizes that she’s lost her top. She quickly crosses her arms across her large breasts and looks around for her top.

Hearing water splashing behind her, she sees him running up behind her with her top in his hand.

“Are you ok? I saw that wave take you under”, he says as he hands her the top, their hands briefly touching.

Without thinking, she reaches for the top, exposing one of her breasts. He smiles as he admires the fullness of her breast and the water running down her body.

“Yeah, I’m fine”, she says as she turns around to put the top back on.

Turning back around, she says, “Thank you, that was embarrassing.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about. By the way, my name is John.”

Blushing, she says, “I’m Jane.”

“Nice to meet you Jane. We’re having a bonfire on the beach later tonight if you would like to join us.”

“Thanks, I’ll think about it”, she says as she gives him a smile.

“Sounds good, ” he says as turns to go back and meet up with his friend.

Embarrassed by the whole thing, Jane grabs her things from the beach and heads back to her room.

Stripping down, she heads into the shower to rinse the sand and sea from her body. As the water falls on her naked body, she thinks about John as she rubs soap all over her body. Imagining his hands massaging her breasts; his hand between her legs. She touches her body long after the soap has rinsed off, unable to think of anything but him.

After drying off, she lays on the bed and falls asleep.

Her eyes slowly open and the room is dark, the sun has gone down and she didn’t turn any lights on. Trying to turn to the bedside lamp, Jane realizes she can’t move her arms and legs. They are tied to the bed.

Panicking she tries to sit up, without success, and realizes that she’s not alone in the room. A sliver of moonlight shows someone sitting in the chair.

“Who’s there?”, she says. Too shocked to scream out.

The figure sits forward in the chair and she recognizes the face in the moonlight. “Not him, not like this”, she thinks to herself as she struggles against the restraints.

“Don’t scream. I could tell you wanted this, ” John says as he stands up and walks over toward the bed.

“No, untie me right now. Why would you do this?”

“I saw you looking at me. Your eyes told me how much you want me.”

“Let me go!”, she says louder.

John puts his hand over her mouth as he runs his hand down between her breasts. She starts to scream as his hand reaches farther down.

In a desperate attempt to move his hand, Jane bites down hard, tasting blood as her teeth break the skin. She suddenly feels a sting as he slaps her across the face, “Don’t do that again you bitch.”

He raises his hand to slap her again and he laughs when she flinches. Pulling the towel out from under her, he shoves it in her mouth.

“That will keep you quiet”

She watches as he runs his fingers down her body as he walks to the end of the bed. Slowly he takes his clothes off, watching her struggle against the restraints.

Despite her fear, she finds herself admiring his body in the moonlight. As her eyes move from his handsome face to his well muscled arms, they finally look at his cock. She is shocked by its size. For a moment she forgets where she is and finds herself wanting him inside her.

Fear grips her again as he walks back toward the head of the bed, stroking his cock as she struggles again to get away.

He reaches out and takes the towel out her mouth, “You’re going to be a good girl, right?”

Jane nods her head as he stands there with his cock in front of her face.

Grabbing her head, he shoves his rock hard cock in her mouth. Pushing it as far as it will go. She gags as it pushes deep in her throat. He pulls it out and she gasps just enough air before he shoves it back in, pushing and pulling her head as he fucks her throat. Jane moans as he pushes it deeper, tears streaming down her face as he uses her mouth to please himself.

She loses track of time as his cock slides in and out of her throat. He reaches down and forcefully grabs her hard nipples and squeezes, making Jane scream. He laughs at the pain he causes as he twists her nipples.
Suddenly his cock is gone from her throat, her face covered with spit and gasping for air.

“You have such a pretty face when my cock is in your mouth,” he says as climbs on top of her. Reaching down between her legs he can feel how wet she’s gotten as he slides his fingers inside without any warning.

Jane screams as he says, “My what a tight little pussy you have!”

Removing his fingers, she feels the tip start to push into her pussy. She’s never had a cock this big and it hurts. Undeterred, John pushes hard and it slides all the way in.

Jane’s never had a cock in her this far, pressing so deep against her, spreading her so wide.

“Stop. It hurts. Stop”

John just laughs and keeps pushing his cock against her insides.  Tears stream down her face as he thrusts harder and faster.

“Please stop.” She cries.

John takes his hand and puts it around her throat, squeezing tightly.

Jane’s eyes grow big as she realizes she can’t breathe. Trying to scream, nothing comes out. Her head starts to get dizzy, the room spinning as his cock continues to pound into her.

Just before losing consciousness, he releases his grip and she gasps for air.

He’s pounding harder and harder. She’s moaning now. She can’t help herself. A cock has never made her feel this good.

John starts to moan with each thrust. His cock throbbing inside her. She can tell he’s about to cum.

“Please, not inside me”

But he’s not listening. He’s just thrusting and moaning. His sweat dripping on her face.

With one final thrust, John collapses on top her and kisses her on the mouth. She feels his cock throbbing as his cum is filling her up.

Instinctively, her hips push against him, keeping him deep inside her.

She realizes that her hands slide out the restraints now that she’s not fighting them.

Jane puts her arms around John and they lay together in a tight embrace.

As they hold each other, she whispers, “Thank you Daddy”.

The Stacks

The last person just left for the night and Jane working by herself has to put the books back in the stacks. She wheels the cart to the elevator and presses the button for the third floor. As the doors close, she sees the main lights in the library go out.

They’re on a timer and the only light she’ll have are the security lights. She doesn’t mind, she loves to walk around the library when it’s empty and dark. Many nights she wanders the stacks in the dark, running her fingers along the books.

She reaches the third floor and it takes a moment for her eyes to adjust after the full light of the elevator. Walking to the end of the aisles, she begins to put the books back, taking her time.As she gets about halfway done, she hears something drop a few aisles away.

“Hello, is anyone there?”, she calls out and stands there and listens. It must have just been her imagination. Continuing on, she methodically puts the books away.

As she enters the next aisle, she notices that the security light malfunctioning and flashing like a strobe light. It messes with her night vision and her eyes have trouble adjusting.

Walking down the aisle, she has to walk slower and pay closer attention to the books. As she reaches up to put a book on the top shelf, an arm reaches around her waist and a strong hand covers her mouth.

Jane tries to scream as she’s lifted off her feet. Struggling, she grabs at the arm around her trying to get away. She manages to squirm free and knocks the cart over, books spilling open everything. As she tries to run away, her foot slips on a book and those strong hands push her to the ground.

She lands on the pile of books and feels his body on top of her as she tries to crawl away. He straddles her back and presses his forearm against the back of her neck. Her face is pressed into the pages of an open book, the scent of an old book filling her nose.

As Jane continues to struggle, his arm slides around her neck and slowly starts to squeeze. Her head starts to spin as she struggles to breathe. Darkness creeps across her eyes as she loses consciousness.
Jane’s eyes open with a start, looking up into the flashing lights above. Naked on top of the books, she feels her arms and legs bound tightly at 45 degree angles. Feeling a presence near her in the darkness, she struggles and screams for someone to help her.

“Quiet”, a stern voice says.

Startled by the voice, she stops screaming and looks around to find him. She sees him off to the side as the light strobes above her. He’s naked, except for a mask over his face.

There’s fear in her as eyes as he moves closer to her. With the lights flashing, there are moments that she can’t see him and when she does, he’s closer.

On his knees at her side, he climbs on top of her. Jane feels his body just above hers; his breath against her neck, his legs between hers, his erection against her thighs.

She fights against the restraints as he presses his lips against her and roughly grabs her breast. Trying to say, “stop”, he forces his tongue inside her mouth. As he pushes his tongue deeper, she closes her eyes tightly, praying that this is a just a dream.

“Open your eyes”, he says.

There’s something about his voice, she can’t help but obey his commands. She opens her eyes and finds him looking at her with an intense stare.

Despite her fear, she can’t look away. She feels his cock start to slide inside her as his gaze penetrates her soul.

When he pushes himself deep inside her, the fear returns and she starts to struggle. He takes this opportunity to push himself deeper and harder.

He grunts as he thrusts against her struggling body, faster and faster.

“Please stop”, she whispers.

“I said to be quiet”
His hand reaches around her throat as he pounds into her harder and faster. The room starts to spin as the blood flow to Jane’s brain is restricted. He releases her neck just enough to keep her awake, keeping her on the verge of unconsciousness as he continues to fuck her.

Suddenly he gives one last hard thrust and she feels his cum filling her up, she feels his hand tighten around her throat cutting off her oxygen as well. The last thing Jane feels before blacking out is his cock throbbing inside her.

As dawn breaks through the windows, Jane rolls over and wakes up on the floor. She’s no longer restrained and all of her clothes are on. The books are back on the cart, waiting for her to put them away. When she stands up to get the cart, she stops in her tracks at what else she sees on the cart.

A single red rose.