The Intruder

The thunder wakes her with a start.

It was a hot summer night with no air conditioning, so Jane went to bed with the windows open. Naked, laying in bed, she listens as the rain beats down on the roof outside her window.

She gets up to the close the window and a flash of lightning illuminates her naked body. Another flash of lightning startles her, making the room darker as she climbs back into bed.

The thunder rumbles as the storm gets closer.

Lightning flashes again and she see’s a figure standing in front of the window. The room is suddenly dark and she darts for the door. She feels the intruder gaining on her as she pulls the door open. As she steps into the hallway, his hand grabs her long hair and yanks her backwards.

Pushing her into the open door, she hears the drywall crack behind the door handle as his forearm pushes her face into the door. She feels his hot breath near her ear as he moves his body closer to her and whispers, “don’t scream.”

She struggles to get away and he pushes her harder against the door.

He slides his hand around her throat, gripping tightly, and takes a stronger hold on her hair. With control of her head, he drags her to the bed and pushes her face down into the mattress.

Lightning flashes, followed by quick thunder.

She grabs at his hand, trying to pull it off, but she’s just not strong enough. He reaches into his bag and pulls out restraints. Deftly, he places the restraints on her wrists and ankles. Grabbing her left arm, he pulls Jane as she struggles and ties her left arm to the bedpost.

Jane starts screaming, “stop it, please don’t do this, stop”, but is cut off with a sharp back hand that leaves her lip bloody. Yanking her left leg, he ties it down. She sobs as he methodically walks around bed and ties her down.

Climbing on top her, he licks the blood from her lip as she sobs and tries to turn her head away. Reaching again into his bag, he pulls out a ring gag and places it in her mouth, strapping it around the back of her head.

Now that she’s helpless, he moves to the floor and begins to remove his clothes, leaving only his mask. She doesn’t notice the flogger in his hand until she feels the leather moving lightly from her neck, past her breasts, and down her stomach. Trembling from fear, she screams through the gag and stops when his head snaps back to look at her.

When the lightning flashes again, she sees the flogger in the air and her screams are drowned about by the thunder as the leather strikes her breasts. As the storm rages on, she feels the sting of the leather across her stomach and legs.

She feels nothing but the stinging on her skin and doesn’t notice until the intruder is on top of her sticking his cock inside her mouth through the ring gag. As he pushes himself into her throat, she feels herself start to gag. He keeps pulling it back before she gets sick, but continues to slide it into throat over and over again.

Just as she thinks she can’t take anymore, he pulls it out and she feels him slide down between her breasts, down her stomach and between her legs. He stares into her eyes as he enters her, a scream escaping her mouth as he pushes it deeper.

In the lightning flash she can see piercing eyes as he thrusts harder and faster. She feels him throb inside her as he pushes deeper. With each thrust she screams and her body starts shaking. With one final thrust, he stops and she feels him finish inside her.

He gets up from the bed, puts on his clothes, removes the gag and restraints, and leaves the room without saying a word. Exhausted and beaten, Jane roles over on her side looking out the window into the darkness and whispers, “thank you Daddy.”

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