The moonlight shines in the hallway as Jane makes her way to the bathroom. Hearing a light moan, she peers through the crack in the open door. Surprised, she sees Daddy standing with a woman on her knees in front of him. She feels pangs of jealousy and excitement. Quietly pushing the door open, she watches as the other woman takes Daddy’s cock all the way in her mouth.

Jane’s hands instinctively move to her breasts as she continues to watch and hear Daddy moan. Her fingers touch her lips, thinking about how good it feels having Daddy’s cock in her mouth. She slides a strap of her nightgown down to lightly touch her nipples with her wet finger.

She watches as Daddy lifts the woman up to her feet, kissing her, and throwing her on the bed. Jane marvels at the other woman’s breasts as she falls on the bed, wondering what it would be like to worship them.

Her nightgown falls to the floor as her hand moves to touch clit, watching Daddy enter this new woman. She aches to have Daddy inside her and can’t stop watching him fuck her. She moans as she slides her fingers inside.

“I think we have an audience”, says the woman as she looks towards the open door. Getting up from the bed, she walks over and pulls Jane into the room.

“You’re a naughty girl, spying on Daddy”, he said has the woman her places Jane on the bed.

“So, what should we do with her”, Daddy asks the woman.

The woman looks Jane over and thinks for a while and says, “why don’t you sit on the bed and let me deal with this.”

Daddy lays back on the bed as the woman sits next to Jane and asks, “so did you like what you saw?”

Embarrassed, Jane stammers out, “yes”, as her face turns red.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of” the woman says as she runs her hand up Jane’s thigh.

Jane takes a quick breath as the woman continues to touch her body, sliding her hands over her breasts and to her neck.

With a sudden movement, the woman grabs Jane by the throat and lifts her to her feet and says, “You can call me Goddess”.

“Yes”, moans Jane.

“Yes, what”, as her hand squeezes tighter around her throat.

“Yes, Goddess”

“That’s better”, she says as she lightly kisses Jane on the lips.

“Now get on your hands and knees on the bed and stick your ass in the air”

Jane climbs on the bed, facing Daddy, presenting her ass to Goddess.

She feels a light touch as Goddess runs her hands up her thighs and over her ass.

Without warning, she feels a sudden sting of a paddle on her ass. She screams as the paddle strikes again. Jane looks up at Daddy with pleading in her eyes, but he’s looking at Goddess, touching himself as Goddess doles out the punishment.

Jane is close to tears when the paddling stops. She feels Goddess grab her hair and pull her up on to her knees. The next thing she knows, Daddy is standing on the bed in front of her with his hard cock in front of her face.

“Open your mouth”, Goddess orders as she shoves Jane’s head forward, forcing the cock deep in her throat. Jane gags as it pushes deep against the back of her throat. Goddess keeps pulling her off and on, making her gag again and again.

Jane feels Daddy’s hands on the back of her head, as hands from behind take her nipples and squeeze hard. She moans on the Daddy’s cock as he shoves it deep in her throat.

Daddy pulls Jane’s head away as her tongue reaches for him. Feeling nipples against her back, she watches as Goddess pulls close to take Daddy’s cock in her mouth.

“Please Daddy, let me have more”, she begs as she watches Goddess’ tongue work it’s way up the shaft. Goddess guides Jane’s in and they both pleasure Daddy with their tongues. Jane moans as she her tongue entwines with her Goddess and they both worship Daddy.

The next thing Jane knows, the cock is gone and she’s kissing Goddess. She loves the feel of another woman’s lips against hers.

She feels an ecstasy that’s she’s never felt before as they fall to the bed, breast against breast, their legs intertwined. Her mouth begins to explore Goddess’ body, kissing her neck, worshiping her breasts, and making her way between her legs. Having never been with a woman, she’s tentative about pleasing her, but loses all doubt as Goddess grabs her hair and pushes her tongue against her.

As Jane continues to lick Goddess, she feels a sudden thrust from behind as Daddy slides inside her. She moans into Goddess as Daddy pushes her face deeper in. Hips bucking into her face as she brings Goddess to climax, she feels Daddy thrusting harder and faster. Goddess sticks her tongue in Jane’s mouth as she gets taken from behind.
Daddy gives one final thrust and Jane feels him cum inside her. She moans as she kisses Goddess and feels Daddy’s cum dripping from her. As she collapses on the bed, Goddess climbs between her legs and licks Daddy’s cum from her.

After getting all the cum she can, Goddess makes her way to Jane’s mouth. As their mouths meet, Jane tastes Daddy in her mouth and she’s in heaven.

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